Monday, July 17, 2017


We have said this before but it bears repeating: The Democrat Party is the true Party of Racism in these United States. They only care about black folks when there's an election pending. 

One needs only look as far as the City of Alexandria, Virginia to observe this. Our City Council and the local Democrat Party need - for now - a solid corps of black citizens to vote for them in order that they may control the City government permanently. This is why the Council has resisted splitting up the City into wards, with each Council member answerable to the constituents of that neighborhood in which he or she lives. 

They think that black folks are stupid and won't notice how they make a great show of being concerned about the loss of "affordable housing" and then, almost in the same breath, allow some developer to condemn hundreds of units of affordable housing so that some developer may install "luxury apartments" to replace it. (They always then claim that they are requiring the developer who will destroy hundreds of affordable units to provide a dozen or so units of "affordable" housing in the development. They then want you to applaud them for "saving" affordable housing.)

They are also incredibly obvious about what they are doing. Over half of the "Berg" (or Parker-Gray) is gone now. One of the Council remarked, when trying to justify this, that "Not everybody can live in Old Town". They are trying to shove all the black folks in the city into someplace less trendy than Old Town (but they'll make sure you have voting machines).

Not even some of the city's prominent black citizens are immune from this aggrandizement of self. The Alfred Street Baptist Church is a City institution. It is an "Historically Black" church and a must "be seen" location for any Alexandria politician who wants to court the black vote. The church among other things owns a fleet of buses which are very useful in getting people to the polls on Election Day.  The ABC is so big right now that when church lets out on Sunday traffic is screwed up for a radius of five city blocks and the better part of an hour.

Now ADC wants to grow even more, and to do this they are getting permission from the City to tear down two square blocks of "affordable housing" (or else they'll have to re-locate and stop being such an advantage to the Democrat party. Wonder what Jesus would say about THAT?)

The black folk in Alexandria need to quit the Democrats and join the Republican Party where you will be welcomed. Lyndon Johnson (Democrat) told his party that all they had to do was vote for the Civil Rights Act and (quote) "Those ni***rs will be voting for us for the next hundred years". Time for you to tell the Democrats that time is up. Don't you agree?

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