Monday, July 24, 2017


A couple of days ago we were shocked, saddened, and revolted to find out that down in Florida a man had fallen into a stormwater retaining pond and drowned. 

While he was drowning a group of young men showed up. But not only did they not help the man, they mocked his struggles and his pleas for assistance and told him he was going to die. 

Unfortunately, since they did nothing to compound the man's inability to save himself these pitiless idiots could not be charged with a crime. 

What is worse, they videotaped the whole thing and posted it on social media. 

We are glad to report that the local police chief did find a statute criminalizing failure to report a death. The subhuman filth will be charged with that statute, but we doubt they much care. Particularly outrageous (but not at all surprising) is that both the drowned man and these pitiless subhuman vermin were all black. What might "Black Lives Matter" have to say about this? Not one whole hell of a lot, we'll wager.

They ought to be made pariahs and hounded out of the black community wherever they poke their heads. Let them crawl on their knees to whatever Christian pastor will listen to them, and let them only be redeemed when they show true repentance. 

But this will not be. If they are arrested on the failure to report charge, people like BLM will begin a campaign to make them collectively into (as we like to say here at the ADP) the Blessed Little Baby who was Born, Born, Born in Bethlehem. 

What a fucked up world.

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