Tuesday, July 18, 2017


How boldly during the last three Congressional elections did the Republicans who now park their worthless butts in the House and the Senate proclaim that they would finally get rid of the job-killing travesty and spectacular waste of money called "Obamacare".

Then: excuses, excuses. First they said they needed the Senate. They were given the Senate. Then they needed a President who would sign the repeal. Back in November they got him. So what did they do?

They started listening to the goddamned Demorats, who immediately started a campaign of blather about how the mean old Republicans were going to "take peoples' health care away". Do that, the DemonRatz said, and kiss your chances of being re-elected in 2018 goodbye. 

Do any of you Republican goofballs realize that the Democrats want to see you DEFEATED? WHY THE FUCK WOULD THEY HELP YOUR ASSES GET RE-ELECTED? "Taking Obamacare away" is NOT depriving people of health care. It is removing a burden that no one wants or needs. Removing that burden is why you are sitting there in Congress IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU IDIOTS! Don't you know that the reason the Ratz are trying to convince you to betray your constituents is so that they can regain the House and impeach our President on any charge they can think up, no matter how specious?

President Trump is not an idiot. He now realizes that he is leading an army of egotists whose main goal in life is to stay in Congress and be members of the club. It's really so very simple: REPEAL OBAMACARE AND LET THE DEMOCRATS PANIC AS PEOPLE BEGIN TO REALIZE THAT THEY'RE BETTER OFF WITHOUT IT. So the President has taken a new tack: Let Obamacare implode as it has mostly already done. Of course, the Democrats intended this to happen so as to implement "single payer" healthcare. Now he has to thwart this, and we believe he has plans to do so. 

So all you blowholes in Congress - every one of you - may now go and adjourn the House and the Senate for the August recess. During which we are sure President Trump will make a whole bunch of recess appointments to assist him in implementing his agenda. 

Come Labor Day, watch out. The Donald is coming to getcha.

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