Sunday, April 8, 2012


TODAY those of us who are Christian celebrate and remember the key, defining event of the Christian faith: the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazerath, the Christ.

It is a bit annoying to hear at every turn this or that politician to cite as the "central tenet" of Christianity some bit iof scripture taken out of context which fits his or her agenda and purportedly justifies the government doing this or that; making some restriction on individual freedom, etcetera. 

However, the central tenet of Christianity is:

Jesus of Nazareth the Christ is Jehovah God. He was concieved in and born to a virgin by the Holy Spirit.

He lived an absolutely perfect life among us, and taught and acted as LORD God all the while.

His freinds said He was God, His family said He was God and His enemies said He was God.

He was captured by the Romans and falsely accused of advocating rebellion against Rome.  He was examined under the lash, and tried and sentenced to be crucified by Pontius Pilate.

He carried the sins of all who believe on him, and died on a Roman cross and was sealed in a tomb.

Three days later, he rose and took back the life he had laid down, and left the tomb as the first of the Resurrected.

There is no path to Heaven except through Jesus. NONE.

When the politicians shill for more money and more government, they leave all of this stuff out.  Today we Believers remember it, we thank Him for it, and we look hopefully for His promised return.

At which time everybody will get a quick refresher course on what the "central tenets" of Christianity are.

Happy Easter. If you don't know Jesus as your Lord God and Savior, ask a minister or basically any Christian will be happy to show you the first steps on the way. 

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