Sunday, April 15, 2012


AS the general election looms closer and campaigns consolidate, "president" Obama and his minions see their power about to vanish. An old tactic has been dusted off and re-tooled for the purpose of deflating the threat of defeat in November.

Most of us have met people who claim to be Conservatives but then give a mournful prediction for November, mouthing such twaddle as: "the fix is in, and there's nothing we can do about it." or: "Obama's just too popular. What about all those young folks who voted for him? They'll be voting this time too. It's hopeless".

There may be a very few good, conservative folks who are yet basically simpletons who believe this, and these are those who mostly listen to the shills who mouth this twaddle in an effort to stem the coming tide of anti-Obama votes.  There are far too many people mouthing this garbage for ALL of them to be people who want Obama OUT but are genuinely discouraged. And they have been discouraged mainly by shills who tell them these things and know that they will spread the phony gloom.

Another thing we keep hearing, also from folks who pretend to be conservative but are - words fail us - NOT is: "(fill in name of Republican front runner) is no conservative. He's soft on (fill in issue) and I won't vote for him".  Again, there are some who are rabidly hyped on (fill in issue) and are sincere; but again most of the folks who say this stuff are Obama's butt-boys.  One way to tell for sure is if they follow up with "I won't vote for (fill in name of Republican front runner) even if it means four more years of Obama; OR EVEN MORE TELLING: "He's just the same as Obama, why bother voting?"

THE BEST WAY to know whether you are dealing with a truly discouraged conservative (who can be given hope and encouraged) or a Ron Paul supporter (who is best dealt with by changing the subject away from politics, these Ron Paulistas are freaking nuts); OR if you are dealing with an Obama shill, is to note their demeanor.

The Ubamanista shills will have either a hot, in-your-face hostility to them, or a certain smugness about them. That grim, half-smile is a dead giveaway.

But sincere, discouraged conservative or Ubamanista either one, DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE TRAITORS! What would have happened in 1942 to anybody who walked into a bar and started telling people the Japanese were going to win and offering lessons in Japanese is what ought to happen to these defeatists.  They need to be told to shut up and go to hell.

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