Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am sittting here stuffed with - what else? - turkey and all kinds of goodies, and man am I ever late for the rack. But I would be remiss if I didn't do a little public counting of blessings.

I am healthy. I haven't had a bout of flu in two years of driving the coughing, hacking public around. I'm a bit fatigued from working on four or five hours sleep, and Mr. Sandman's collection agency is after me; but other than that sleep debt I'm fine.

Wealthy? Not as much as I might be or wish, but I am thankful I stuck around the National Capital Area. My home State of Ohio is a mess, and Dayton and the Miami Valley are being hit with the loss of one big industry after another.

Wise? Heck, folks; one read of this blog will tell anyone what a wise-ass I am. I'm at least smart enough to write a novel, even though so far it's selling like day-old erstwhile hotcakes; but that may also be a blessing. Because while I'd like very much to be rich, I don't think I'd much care to be famous. (Except to you three guys who read this thing once in a while, of course).

So happy Thanksgiving, all. Remember to play that football game BEFORE dinner. Now I'm gonna turn on a football game and let it bore me to sleep. Hope you all enjoy the day

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