Saturday, November 26, 2011


EXACTLY TWO POSTS AGO, We warned the dolts who are running the "Occupy" "movement" against trying to stop the shoppers on "Black Friday". We warned them that this might have serious - even fatal - consequenses. And, since each and every one of those sophomoric fools is some Mommy's Li'l Puddin'; we are glad that our warning was heeded.

AS CAN BE SEEN IN NEWS ACCOUNTS OF "BLACK FRIDAY", holiday shoppers can be a violent lot. Personally, we always get our holiday shopping done sometime around Columbus Day. It just seems to us that whatever good karma comes from giving gifts with the anticipation that they will be recieved with pleasure is swamped by a 30-foot tidal wave of BAD KARMA when fighting for parking space, cursing traffic, and jostling (and, as was shown amply, worse) for merchandise in some crowded shop or store. Pushing and shoving, fighting over parking, etcetera; just so one may have the pleasure of seeing a smile on another person's face - be that other person a beloved relative, close friend, or just a co-worker - means that to please ONE person you have royally pissed off DOZENS of others. Which means that the only person you REALLY wanted to please after all was YOUR OWN SELF.

"WELL, EVERYBODY ELSE WAS DOING THE SAME THING!" Yes, and if all this Holiday is to you is "Festivus for the rest of us", then I suppose you can justify it.

BUT if this season you are really and truly celebrating the birth of GOD as a human being, who said that all the Commandments and the Prophets could be distilled to : "Love God with all thy heart, and all thy mind, and all thy strength, and love thy neighbor as thyself".........

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