Sunday, February 12, 2017


For the last three decades we have been dismayed to see the American institution of the Boy Scouts of America sink ever lower amid sex-based scandals and controversy. The B.S.A. has been excoriated for being a hotbed of pederasty and simultaneously for not accepting homosexuals into their midst. Some years ago, the Scouts began accepting "openly gay" boys into Scouting, despite a warning in their field manual about boys who might join the Scouts as a means of having sex with their fellows. 

Shortly thereafter, adult male homosexuals were permitted to lead entire troops of boys. This, in the face of all the scandal of the past.

This two-pronged assault on the B.S.A. has been of course orchestrated by the American left, and its object has been not to make Scouting "fair" or "equal" or some such twaddle. The Boy Scouts of America has always been an institution of American wholesomeness, and it has for some time been the goal of the American left to bring it to the ground. 

In the past few days, the final fatal dart hit home.

Last week, the National Council of the B.S.A. announced that actual physical and biological girls who fancied themselves to be boys would be admitted as "transgender".  If you don't understand why this is deeply concerning, then you are a damned idiot. 

Where does it all end?

What's next? A merit badge for "co-ed nudist camping skills"? Lectures by leaders of the North American Man-Boy Love Association?

We regret that we must urge all our readers to refrain from supporting the Boy Scouts of America. If you have sons in any B.S.A organizations, yank them out of there. We ourselves were involved in Scouting in our youth, and we write this with extreme regret. 

But the Boy Scouts of America is dead. All that will happen from here on in is that the corpse will stink. It's time to bury it. We suppose that all good things end sometime. And it's a pity.

Rest in peace, B.S.A.

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