Tuesday, February 7, 2017


The American Left has been descending into absolute lunacy ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President back in June 2016. 

To recap: First, it was said to be "Just a publicity stunt to promote his 'brand'" Then, he was only being listened to as "Summer entertainment" and when September came, people would discard Trump as they turned their attention to "serious candidates". 

That didn't work, and Trump's rallies more than eclipsed Hillary's. As it became ever clearer that Trump was on the road to being the Republican nominee, the Democrat Party and its factotums in the media sent out a two pronged and contradictory message: On one hand, Trump would completely destroy the Republican Party if he were nominated, so it was "up to the voters" to "save the Republican Party. 

That was on one side of the Democrat mouth. On the other hand, it was said that Trump was "completely unqualified" and if elected President would destroy the entire country. 

Through it all, we here at the ADP knew that Trump was the man of the hour. Trump knew better than to play by Marquis of Queensbury rules in a street brawl. He took everything the Democrats threw at him and hurled it back in their faces. Trump, himself a former Democrat, knew how these fools played the game and refused to play by different rules than his opponents. When he was kicked in the shins, he kicked them in the balls. 

Ultimately, the Democrats were forced to reveal their "October Surprise" - the eleven year old tape of a bawdy conversation between Trump and idiot gossip maven Billy Bush about gettin' wimmens - about two weeks too soon. Trump's polls plunged briefly, but his adroit handling of the matter had him right back on top very quickly. 

Ultimately, Trump won the Presidency with an Electoral College landslide but without the popular vote, which was by a margin slim enough to be within the margin of error in our current vote-counting technology. And recounts were held in several states which, had the vote gone the other way Trump might have lost. He didn't. 

Ultimately President Trump was sworn in amid riots by rent-a-mobs. We are not here saying that every single rioter was paid to riot. But there is a hard core of "Organizers" who are paid to incite the mobs of idiot "snowflake" kids who will pay most of the price in jail time and criminal convictions. 

On a recent CNN broadcast, Democrat hack David Gergen said he thought it was "alarming" that President Trump had "taken charge" so rapidly. 


But today's allegation by the Left takes the cake.

Some Breitbart contributor named Milo Somethingorother was scheduled to speak at UC-Berkely, and the Left didn't care for what they thought he was going to say. So they sent in the usual rent-a-mobs who rioted, causing major damage and injuring several people. 

Comes now various persons on the left who claim that the rioting was engendered by TRUMP SUPPORTERS to make the Left look bad. 

We suppose things couldn't be more absurd at this point, but the Left has a habit of outdoing themselves every time. Cripes. We have to try to make a living AND find time to write this? It's not fair. But it is what it is.

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