Sunday, February 5, 2017


We wonder sometimes if President Trump (my, it's refreshing to be able to say that again!) knew what he was in for. A full court press on every side, an avalanche of lies and jump-the-gun reporting, and comedians making fun of things that don't exist or didn't happen. 

We here at the Alexandria Daily Poop hardly know where to begin. These idiots weren't this bad during the freaking campaign. I just watched a Saturday Night Live skit with Trump's press secretary being portrayed as a spastic, pudgy, dwarfish nerd with a voice like a member of the Lollipop Guild.

We suppose we will cover in this post the subject the lame-stream drive-by media - along with the Democrats and everyone else is piling on: The so-called "Moslem travel ban", or just the "Moslem Ban" when it suits the purposes of the ASPs. 

First off, it is NOT a "Moslem Ban". People from Indonesia, the most populous Moslem majority nation on Earth are unaffected by this action. what this is is an intensive vetting of people coming here from five nations identified by THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION as harboring terrorist threats of the radical Islamist extremist variety. True, some green card holders were denied readmission to the United States at first. But this was relatively quickly resolved. This action is an attempt to keep Islamist terrorists from mingling with legitimate travelers and getting in here to do God knows what. 

As most of you know, we hack a cab in the National Capital Region for a living. And as you can well imagine, we know LOTS of Moslems. And 99.9 percent of them are folks who are trying to support families and who work very hard. they are extremely kind and decent people. And if some nutbar imam told them to stone a homosexual to death or kill their daughter for kissing a boy in public, they'd look at that imam as if he were a stone-ass fool, much as you or I would look at the Westboro Baptist Church. And an amazing percentage of them support President Trump and know - many of them coming from these five nations - what kind of lunatics inhabit parts of those nations. They of course don't like it that perhaps relatives may be detained for a  few hours or maybe a few days at Immigration and Customs, but for the most part they understand. They've lived among the homicidal, suicidal nuts and understand the threat better than the politically motivated people who are protesting this action.

On the other hand, the Democrat politicians seem to value their Moslem constituents as political cannon fodder. We believe it was Democrat Congressman and schlub Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) who said today that Trump was "telling the Moslems in my District to go to the back of the bus"; thus accusing President Trump of treating Moslems who are already here and full citizens as if he were Bull Connor (a Democrat, BTW) and these American Moslems African Americans in 1964 Alabama. 

And of course President Trump's executive order is being decried as "unconstitutional". BULLSHIT. 

Are you aware that if you, a native born American, travel outside the United States you have NO RIGHT to re-enter until you have passed through Customs and Immigration and satisfied them as to your legitimacy of purpose? Don't want to open your bag? Say it's none of their damn business what you traveled to Red China for and why? You'll be sleeping in the airport until you give them some answers. NOBODY has ANY right to just waltz across our border and breezily say "I was born here, and I'm going home and you can't stop me"; Much less a non-citizen. 

But never mind. President Trump wants to be sure that people coming from places identified by BARACK OBAMA as being  particularly dense repositories of radical Islamist nutbars are not themselves radical Islamist nutbars before they are let in. That makes him a RACIST, don't you know?

President Carter barred anyone from the Islamic Republic of Iran from entering the country back in 1979 after that government had seized our embassy and its staff. We guess Carter is as big a racist as President Trump, right?

Really, Gentle Readers, these Democrats and leftists - but we repeat ourselves - have but one goal: to convince as many people as possible that Donald John Trump is "illegitimate". Today it's people coming in from places designated by a Democrat president as dangerous. Tomorrow it will be something else. They are all stopping their ears from having to hear two words, words that reflect a reality they want to deny. The words? 


We think those words have a pretty nice ring so far.

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