Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Sean Spicer has to put up with a lot as President Trump's press secretary. A few weeks ago he was out shopping with his family when he was ambushed by some loony woman who started getting in his face about Russia and demanding to know if he was "a traitor like Trump". He responded by saying that this is a great country that tolerates people like her. This nutty broad was recording the whole thing and posted it on YouTube;and claimed that Spicer's response was "a threat".

The "White House Press Corps" - as if these idiots deserve the name anymore - are little better. Yesterday one of them, a woman, kept asking him questions and then shaking her head and rolling her eyes at his answers; and interrupting him mid-sentence to harass him. He finally told her that according to her and her fellows, if President Trump puts Russian dressing on his salad, that's evidence of a connection to Russia. When she made the predictable rude response, he said: "I appreciate your agenda". 

Some day soon he will start revoking a few press credentials. Until then, we really like the way he handles these rude, partisan "impartial" "journalists" who believe the First Amendment applies only to them and their ilk.

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