Tuesday, July 24, 2012


By now everyone knows about the mass killing at a movie multiplex in Aurora, Colorado. The anti-gun crows is having a field day with it, dancing in the blood of the nurdered innocents as they rub their hands together anticipating how to propagandize the event.

The toadies in the Leftist media ALSO wasted no time trying to find someone allied with the TEA party who had the same name as the shooter, and immediately trumpeted the "possibility" that the name they found "might" be the killer (it wasn't).

So hell-bent was the mainstream media on getting a sensational story first, an indictment of guns and/or Conservatives second, and the TRUTH A VERY DISTANT THIRD that they initially reported that the allaged shooter's mother said "you have the right person" when asked if her son was the shooter. (As it turns out, she was asked if she was the mother of the shooter; and she, not even knowing what was going on said, "You've got the right person" MEANING HER, NOT HER SON.

Almost immediately, before the numbers of the wounded and dead had been correctly tallied, the internet exploded with all sorts of opinions based on what scanty information was available. Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, however, we have waited for the dust to settle somewhat and sort through to find a few reliable FACTS before issuing an opinion and our observations.

Now. What do Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, and every other mass-shooting sites have in common with the Aurora multiplex? Answer: THEY WERE AND REMAIN "GUN-FREE ZONES"!!

This includes Ft. Hood, where only the military police are armed as a routine matter and everyone else has their issued and personal weapons locked up in the post armory.

If "easily available" firearms are the cause of these massacres, then how come you never hear of a mass shooting at a GUN SHOW?? Talk about easy access. There are literally miles of tables just loaded with firearms, ready to go. Just have a bunch of loaded magazines in the right caliber for the right gun, find that gun, use a pair of wire-cutters to "liberate" the gun; load and kill, kill, kill!

Or not, since sometime between your first shot and the gun getting back into battery you would be playing host to several slugs launched at you by lawfully armed citizens.

You hand-wringing thumbsuckers out there who think it's possible to change human nature are a pack of fools. As long as there are soft targets there will be hard, evil people hell bent on killing. The answer to this is twofold, and neither fold encompasses any sort of so-called "common sense gun control".  In fact, the first step is to positively encourage the carrying of firearms by every responsible law-abiding adult who can do so; EVEN IN AND AROUND ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS AND SHUT UP YOU IDIOTS.

The second is a bit more complex, and it involves basically raising the kids better and watching what they are influenced by in the movies and TV. And don't give me that crap about how you can't monitor your kids' TV viewing with "500 (or however many) channels on cable. Your kid only has one set of eyes. If you catch those eyes viewing crap, put the kibosh on it, pronto.

Stop giving kids the idea that they are entitled to think of themselves as winners even if they lose. Enough with the trophies for showing up, sitting on the bench for eight innings and striking out in the ninth. Stop giving them the idea that they are entitled to be the center of the freaking universe. This latest shooter seems to be - this is only the opinion of the ADP - a malignant narcissist. Stop raising such creatures.

And eliminate the soft targets. Only law-abiding armed citizens can do this, since the police cannot be everywhere (and indeed the Supreme Court has ruled that the police are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PROTECTION); and when seconds count the cops can be there in minutes.

It's astounding. If foxes were killing people's pet cats I bet the first thing you anti-gun idiots would do would be take the cats to the vet to get de-clawed.

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