Saturday, July 14, 2012


IN A PREVIOUS POST we pointed out that the Democrat Party and their shills have continued to repeat the lie about Mitt Romney engaging in "outsourcing" while he was involved with Bain Capital; even thought this lie has been exposed by people on their own side. Indeed, far from stopping this blatant lying, Obama and his henchmen have doubled down on it.

Now comes some female Obama operative who claims that Romney feloniously filed false statements with the Securities and Exchanges Commission. And a new ad has appeared, endorsed by ol' donkey ears himself, accusing Romney of "outsourcing" "thousands" of jobs to Mexico. In the ad, Obama calls himself "an insourcer".  (We suppose this is true, as the Obama way would be to "insource" the Mexicans, where they could not only take the supposedly "outsourced" jobs, but vote Democrat under fake names AND help along the Cloward-Pivens strategy by helping overload our strained system even further.)

As to the business with the SEC, if that were true, then you can bet Attorney General Eric Holder would be on that like a duck on a June bug. He would even take time out of his effort to "outsource" firearms to Mexican criminals. (Perhaps he's just too busy trying to stay out of jail himself regarding that caper, though.)

Attacking in another venue, Government Motors (GM) is running ads for the Chevrolet Volt, the "all electric drive car" that has a 40-mile range on batteries. These ads have a whole bunch of different people blabbering about how great it is to just drive past the gas station in their miraculous little electricity-powered flivver. (Of course the thing has a gasoline engine that charges the batteries if they need to go further than the 7-11; but never mind). We wonder what these folks are going to say when they get their electric bills and find out what happens to their utility bills when they use household electricity as a motor fuel? 

Maybe Obama has operatives who will intercept the mailman and keep them in the dark until November; when the electric company will (after the election, of course) cut them off for non-payment and keep them in the dark for real.

We are of course aware that, were we not speaking of "president" Obama and the leftist statist cabal currently controlling the Democrat Party, this post could be seen as paranoid crazy-talk; and no doubt if and when this is discussed the Ubamanistas will try to dismiss what we have written here as just that.

And it would be, if we were talking about anyone but Barack Hussein Obama and his henchmen.

Obama has been compared to Jimmy Carter (and Carter comes out looking pretty good, which is a tough thing to accomplish); but here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we say he is a mix of the worst of Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. Lies, criminal actions, disregard for the Constitution PLUS stunning nincompoopery. Add Joe Biden for the worst of Gerald Ford and these unpopular military conflicts and here we are in the 1970s again (with high fuel prices even!).

Perhaps "president" Obama's next fundraiser will be a "Pet Rock" sale. It would be (to paraphrase Chuck Anesi - and check his website BTW-) "the completest thing".  

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