Tuesday, July 3, 2012


In the political scrum set off by the bizzare opinion on Obamacare, one main talking point being used by the Democrat Party is that the "individual mandate" will solve the "problem" of freeloaders, or as the talking points call them "free riders".

We find it somewhat odd that these same uninsured "free riders" who are incuring the venom of the Democrat Party now were, when Obamacare was being debated, referred to as the "uninsured" who were in great danger of "dying from lack of health insurance" (and we defy you to find one death certificate with that listed as the cause of death). Then, they were victims. Now they are the problem, at least according to the Democrat statists.

The main talking point is that people who "have the wherewithal" to afford health insurance but don't buy it become at some point "free riders" who pass the cost of their medical treatment "to you".

Really? I've never recieved the bill for someone else's medical care. But I can tell you this: Those who can pay, eventually do; and the help of the Federal government is not needed to accomplish this.

I know this because in days gone by I spent seven years as an investigator for the legal/collections arm for a chain of hospitals in the National Capital Region. The "free riders" were tracked down by me and my team, their assets ferreted out, and they were sued and their wages garnisheed and their assets seized and sold, unless they made and kept a payment arrangement.

We also ran down insurance companies who were neglecting their obligations and found programs for those truly unable to pay. The only people who pose a burden on the healthcare system are the chronic homeless and unemployed, the illegal alien, and the deadbeat whose burden on the economy extends far beyond mere health care. 

For the so-called "free riders" who can afford health insurance but "choose not to buy it", the mechanisms already exist to nullify the problem, and are in use right now. The only thing the "mandate" will do is to insulate the rest from the cconsequenses of non-payment; and these don't particularly care about those consequenes to begin with. 

The myth of the "free rider" is nothing more than justification for the statist Left power-and-money grab that is currently called "Obamacare". The TRUE "free riders" are the very people the Democrat Party views as CLIENTS, and they won't pay a dime.   

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