Friday, May 11, 2012


Well, well. The Democrat party had a little "October surprise" planned. They would suddenly bring up this "gay marriage" nonsense, have Obama have an "epihany", and then bring up this story about Romney "bullying" a "gay-appearing" kid back in the toney private high school he attended. The Washington Post has admitted they have been "sitting" on this story.

Had this story been broken suddenly in mid-October (as we posit it was intended to), there would not be enough time for sane folks to ask the necessary questions and for voters to get bored with the kerfluffle and go back to focusing on inconvenient facts like the economy being in the toilet, Obama's doubling the budget deficit in his first year instead of halving it as he had promised, and all the other things that comprise "president" Obama's RECORD, which is the last thing he wants anyone thinking about when they are standing in a voting booth. 

No doubt about it, this "National Enquirer" mode of politics might have been effective as a distraction had it been deployed in October. However, dumbass Vice President Joe "plugs" Biden screwed it up by telling an interviewer that he was cool with "gay marriage" and so was "president" Obama.

Well, the White House scrambled to do damage control. These things must be handled delicately, as the Wicked Witch of the West said, and with most folks in the country opposing "gay marriage", Obama needed - and still needs - people to believe he would not sign anything authorizing it. So they put out a statement that Obama believed marriage was between a man and a woman (kinda-sorta). This was important because a lot of black ministers hold the keys to a lot of church buses that ferry a lot of black voters to the polls, and THEY oppose "gay marriage", and not "kinda-sorta" either. But a lot of rich gay people and Hollywood types are adamant that "gay marriage" become the law of the land. You bet that every last word of that statement was vetted for maximum vagueness.

Then. a few days later, North Carolina amended the State Constitution to define "marriage" as the union of one man and one woman, and the Hollywood/gay money spigot suddenly went bone-dry. 

Torn between two sections of his "base" who basically can't stand each other, Obama decided that money, being the mother's milk of politics, was more important than getting black folks to the polls, and announced that he had had an epiphany and his views had "evolved". After referencing his conversations with his gay staff members and friends and thinking of the gay troops who he said (this is a truly appalling revelation of who this blowhole of a "president" thinks he is) "fight on (his) behalf", he announced that "gay marriage" should be left "up to the states". 

Of course, this mealy-mouthed "epiphany" meant ABSOLUTELY NOTHING since 31 states and North Carolina have passed constitutional amendments barring the recognition of same sex marriages.

Now, of course there had to be an ancilliary distraction to keep people from noticing the two-faced nature of this "epiphany". So the Washington Post, who as we said ADMITTED TO SITTING ON THE STORY published the "Romney is a big mean bigoted bully" story.

This story is in the process of being poked full of holes by conservative press and talk radio, and within two weeks the focus will be back on Obama, the Democrat Party, and their abysmal record, where it should be. The "October Surprise" was intended as a petard to breach the walls of the Romney campaign. But it was hastily detonated five months early. and instead of Romney, it is ravaging the Democrats.

We here at the Alexandria Daily Poop are grinning ear-to-ear. 

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