Sunday, May 27, 2012


AS EVERYONE KNOWS, "FACEBOOK" JUST WENT PUBLIC AS AN OVER-THE-COUNTER STOCK. The initial public offering was something like 38 semoleons per share.  I only wish to high heaven I had been able to short some. I'd have made a group of money, because Mark Zuckerwhatever's little baby ain't no way worth thirty eight bucks a share.

I have a "Facebook" page. I have no idea how to work the fucker. I keep getting e-mails about "notifications" and "pokes", but I can't manage to get to them. 

Another thing I have a lot of is "friend" requests, of which I have accepted one (1) thereof. This particular person is a good friend whom I have actually met in person and known for years.  Most other people know that to my way of thinking, if I have never met you and have no idea who the hell you are, then I am not going to set up an e-relationship. And if you do know me, you've probably had enough of me in real life until our next face-to-face; and you know my phone number, e-mail, and where I live. You wanna be "Facebook freinds?" I got a better idea. Come over and have some coffee and some cake and let's see if we can stand each other. But then, in that event being "Facebook friends" would be a redundant waste of time.

Of course, in the artificial "Facebook culture", you are constantly provided with lists of hundreds or even thousands of people who you might know because you know somebody who was a neighbor of some guy who went to school with the father of the nephew of some guy who coached the daughter of some celebrity in the Special Olympics, where she met Charlie Sheen who has a freind who knows somebody who plays the guitar for a hobby; and since you play the guitar then of course you need to know each and every one of these folks and who their freinds are, too. 

At some point "Facebook" is no more useful than interacting with the random people you meet. Less so, in fact. Personally I am one of the least interesting people you are likely to run into. Perhaps you think otherwise from reading this E-rag, but I assure you that ten minutes with me in real life will likely have you stuffing cotton in your ears to keep from hearing any more of my lame, corny jokes.

I only got a Facebook page because at some point I thought it might be "useful". And maybe it will be, but right now I am at a loss as to for what.

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