Thursday, May 24, 2012


FIRST, it was the "Asians and thier dirty shops"; then it was the "Filipino nurses" who were taking money and jobs away from D.C. residents.

Next, the furor over these statements.

Today, "honorary" "Mayor for Life" (now city councilman) issued an apology to the Asian community. And wound up insulting people of Polish descent, referring to them as "polacks". 

He said: "The Asians came here... the Irish came here... the Polacks came here..."

I'm mostly Mick/Kraut with a bit of Redskin. I know a few Polacks and Spics, and I have a pretty good freind who's a Wop (or maybe a Dago, I haven't gotten into regional Italian specifics). And I know and work with Gooks and Wogs into the bargain.

All of us have our differeces with each other, but there are a few things we definitely agree on.

Marion Shepilov Barry is definitely one of them.

What a maroon.

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