Sunday, January 31, 2010


WE HERE AT THE ALEXANDRIA DAILY POOP LISTENED TO THE RECENT STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS - at least as much of it as we could stand - and we are rather worried that the man who has his finger on "the button" is showing signs of teetering on the "deep end". We mean to say that Obama may be going nuts.

It was a speech full of praise for himself (delusions of grandeur) , lies, and attacks on his critics (paranoia); along with a statement of intent to go right ahead pushing his healthcare crap (doing the same thing and expecting a different result).

"President" Obama really went off the deep end when he said he wanted us to build a faster train than the high-speed doodad the Red Chinese have. We already tried building a high speed Amtrak called the "Acela". But our Safety Nazis have slowed it down to the point where it really isn't all that much faster than a regular old Amtrak choo-choo, but it is still almost twice as costly to ride.

The next day, Obama met with a group of Republicans wherein he told them that his Obamacare was a "Centerist" policy. This in the face of the fact that the centerpiece of it is that everyone will be forced to buy insurance approved by the government or pay a big fine and, if they refuse to do either, face FELONY criminal charges.

THEN he goes to the Georgetown-Duke game, barges into the announcer's booth and gets photographed wearing headphones. Mike Dukakis didn't look any goofier in that tank back in '88.

We have always thought Obama to be a blowhard, a bumbler, and a fool. Now we add "incipient lunatic" to these sobriquets.

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