Wednesday, February 10, 2010


AS EVERYONE KNOWS, this has got to be one of the snowiest winters on record here in the Washington D.C. Metro area. It is absolutely freaking ridiculous the amount of snow we are getting and how it is completely screwing things up here.

The Federal government has been shut down since Friday and today will make it four days. All three major airports have been damn near completely shut down since this stuff started falling And mass transportation has beein either shut down or severely restricted for the same amount of time.

(And by the way, isn't it odd that the highly paid Feds cannot make it to work, but the minimum-wage peons who shove fast food across burger and chicken joint counters all manage to make it to work? Just goes to show ya that the private sector DOES handle things better than the government. )

February is "Black History Month" , there is a black "president" in the - ahem - "White House"; yet everything is white. But it's not all right.

Rather than wait for the plows to come through, every dolt with a 4-wheel-drive jumped in it the second the snow stopped, and packed it into a sheet of solid ice that became full of ruts and holes. Salt and sand and sun had begun to cause this to abate, but then came the snowfall last night and into this morning, which fell and is falling onto the ice sheets. This of course makes for miserable, dangerous driving.

In Alexandria, we have a $5.00 snow emergency surcharge, and you might think I am in fat city right now. But of course you would be wrong.

Oh Jesus. NOW we have a "Blizzard Warning" in effect until later tonight, this just came in. This is really too damned much. Anyway, a five-buck surcharge means nothing if there are no passengers or if you cannot even drive in the stuff. AND last night I, who grew up in Ohio and learned to drive in this stuff, got hopelessly stuck and had what gains I had made wiped out by the cost of hiring a tow truck to get me the hell out of there.

Hells bells, even the Post Office is grounded.

I tried coming out about 0430 this morning and found I was the only unit operating. Dispatch sent a plea for some idiot who needed a cab to McLean. To hell with that. Sorry, but if you are such an idiot that you know this stuff is coming yet you put yourself in a position where you are gonna be stranded, then you just need to get a room and take the hit.

Right now I am gonna see if my neighbor will let me borrow his .500 Nitro Express safari rifle. It's just possible I will spot a Woolly Mammoth, and I'd like to get some ivory grips for that revolver.

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