Wednesday, January 20, 2010


SOME HAVE SHARPLY CRITICIZED OUR DISMISSIVE LAST POST REGARDING THE RECENT HAITIAN QUAKE. But Haiti was and probably will remain abjectly poor with wretched housing thart cannot withstand earthquakes. And the reason for this is that Haiti is, er, abjectly poor with wretched housing that cannot withstand earthquakes.

Let us direct your attention to Haiti's neighbor on tiny Hispanola (an island about the size of South Carolina); the Dominican Republic. The quake was felt there too, but much less damage ensued. the situation just across the border with Haiti is much different. Why?

BECAUSE THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC HAS SOMETHING CALLED CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS AND BUILDING CODES! Structures in the DR MUST be rated to withstand a quake up to 7 Richter. Hatian housing on the other hand is/was/and likely will again be rebuilt as huts made of concrete slabs. Why don't Hatians have houses that are up to Dominican standards?

ASK YOUR AVERAGE BLEEDING HEART LIBTARD and he will say that Hatians are too poor to affford such housing. Instead of asking why they are so poor (or excusing it with claptrap about "colonialism" etcetera); the Libtard answer is to give them so much money that hopefully they will stop squandering it and build decent housing. The only thing wrong with this is that there is no amount of money that a single human being cannot sucessfully squander within months. Proof? two words: Washington, D.C.

HOWEVER, THINGS IN THE REAL WORLD ARE A BIT DIFFERENT. Certainly Hatians are poor, mostly because they are unemployed. Now, what does it take to build up-to-code housing? LABOR!! What does labor mean? JOBS!!! What do jobs mean? MONEY!!! The requirement for up-to-code housing will mean that out-of-work Haitians will have money they have earned; and earned money is better cared for and managed than given money. Shopkeepers will have their fortunes increased by supplying the newly employed former poor, and hire help.

Wealth is not finite, it is created. The miner digs the ore and sells it to the refiner. The refiner makes steel and sells it to the manufacturer. The manufaccturer creates sewing needles and sells them to the retailer. The retailer sells the needles to the housewife, who uses them to sew the pants of her young son; and the retailer's fortunes increase to the point that he hires the housewife's son, who uses the money to go to college and later becomes a politician and fucks the whole thing up.

Hmm. Maybe the Hatians have just cut to the chase?

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