Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Fascism is a wierd concept to define, but almost every serious definition of it includes the merger of the public and private sectors. Yesterday the Obama White House and Senator Carl Levin (D-Michigan) demonstrated this key element when they ordered CitiBank to scrub the purchase of a new corporate jet.

This sounds like great oversight and the Dems sound like great watchdogs against waste UNTIL A FEW FACTS ARE BROUGHT TO BEAR.

In fact, Citi had planned to use the ONE new, efficient jet to REPLACE not one but TWO older, less efficient jets; and these were to have been sold at prices which would have MORE than offset the cost of the new jet. This is to say nothing of the maintainence savings. BUT NOOOOOOO............

In order to show themselves as Mighty Leaders, Obama and Levin forbade this "extravagance". It was pure political theater and it did much more harm than good. But it did look like the Dems were giving a big bad bank a pranging, And all the Sheeple say AMEN.

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Anonymous said...

Why does CITI need any private planes? Seems that commercial planes should fit the would go to the airlines that need it. The arrogance of this business that makes money from other people's money should be one up is beyond distaste. As for the penalties for not getting the new plane...screw it...the plane will be sold to someone else...the penalty will prove a money saver in the long run. What??? And one's credit rating will suffer?? Give me a break..


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