Thursday, February 5, 2009


A bit more than two weeks since he jacked up the Oath of Office the cheap empty suit We The People elected to run the country and be Commander in Chief of the Military is fucking up right and left (mostly left).

He cannot seem to get a cabinet appointee who is not either or both a tax cheat and/or a lunatic. One tax cheat got himself confirmed anyway - Treasury Secretary Whatzizname. I had a Democrat Party operative in my cab the other night and commented about this sorry bastard. He said that "we have to overlook the tax thing because we need his expertise" EXPERTISE???!!!??? HE FUCKING SAT IN FRONT OF A SENATE COMMITTEE AND CLAIMED HE WAS A KLUTZ AT RUNNING TURBO-TAX FOR GAWDS SAKES!!

NOW he wants to lower the age of eligibility for Medicare to 55. Medicare is joined at the hip with Social Security, both are on the verge of bankruptcy, and there is talk of RAISING the age of elegibility for SS to 72. The Dems do not give a tinkers damn about you, me, or the country. They are all about passing out goodies to retin and gain power. This Medicare crap is nothing but a bribe to the largest portion of the Baby Boomers, and you know where the funding is going to come from?? RIGHT OUT OF THE POCKETS OF YOU YOUNGSTERS WHO VOTED HIM IN, is where.

Obama wants any business that got bailout money to cancel all parties and cap executive pay. Well, that is great news for the companies who did NOT accept this poison apple, because THEY will be the ones who are able to hire the BEST people to run the show. People think conservatives are dour and stuffy. Funny how it is the Libs who want to cancel everyone ELSE'S day at the beach.

Oh yeah. Remember how Obama said that we cannot expect to set our thermostats as high as we want and eat whatever and however much we want "and expect the rest of the world to approve"? (AND WHO GIVES A FUCK WHAT THE REST OF THE WORLD THINKS??) Well, White House staffers complained last week that the thermostat in the White House is set so high "you could grow orchids in there".

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others, I suppose.

Mr. President, the hotel bellmen and bartenders say FUCK YOU VERY MUCH for ensuring that what few business travellers there are what with the restrictions you are imposing no longer leave the big tips. Thepeople who build custom limos and yachts say FUCK YOU VERY MUCH for making certain they will have to lay off employees, who ditto say FUCK YOU VERY MUCH. You are on the verge of ruining this nation's economy beyond repair and you have only been in office one half of one month.

The far left wing of the Democrat Party pushed like hell to get you elected so you would be a bill-signing nincompoop. A slim majority of people elected you because you promised "hope"and "change". Oh yes, and because you are racially black. BIG DEAL. You, Mister Barack Hussein Obama, are a CLUELESS FUCK UP. The only real hope I see is that short term the majority of the Democrat Party will wise up and jpoin with the Republicans to oppose you at every turn. In the long term I see a "change": the change of Congress from a bunch of liberal-schmiberal idiots to a solidly Conservative and Nationalist majority of whichever or both parties. That is, if the Republic survives two years of your so-called "administration". Resign now. Please.

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Anonymous said...

For someone who depends on the traveler to make his money, you forgot about the who got all of us in this situation....things did not happen in the last few weeks...remember the recession was "official" in Dec 2007 and the GOP was riding this period. Get off your Republican Horse and ride with some common sense. I feel for your pain but not your ignorance.....


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