Friday, January 9, 2009


OH WHAT FUN IT IS for a conservative Nationalist such as I to watch the Demon-Rat follies unfold.

Over in Illinois, the Dems are eating one of their own for getting his hand caught in the cookie jar. Governor Blagojevich has just been impeached by the Democrat Illinois House for basically engaging in normal Chicago-style politics; but not before appointing a black man to fill Obama's seat. And here's the truly delish part: THE ALL - WHITE SENATE DEMON-RAT LEADERSHIP IS TRYING TO KEEP HIM OUT BECAUSE HE IS AN "EMBARASSMENT"!! This of course has the Congressional Black Caucus in an uproar. This is getting GOOD.

Meanwhile, the Boy Wonder AKA the President-Elect has appointed New-Age rainbow-and-unicorn shithead Sanjay Gupta to be Surgeon General. Dr. Gupta ran some kind of TV show on PBS devoted to some kind of "Spiritual Healing" bullcrap. I used to think there would never ever be a more ridiculous Surgeon General than Jocelyn Elders. Boy was I wrong.

And for the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency?? Why, former Clintonista Chief of Staff Leon Panetta. LEON PANETTA ??!!!!??!!?? Are you kidding? How does having your nose stuck up Bill Clinton's ass for eight years qualify you for the CIA??

Now here is Obama's plan for the economy: People dont have money to spend and stimulate the economy, so he's going to give them money to spend. How will he do it?? Good question, since we are running a big deficit that he swears he will reduce, plus he wants to put a bunch of busy-work projects in place, AND he CLAIMS he wants to cut taxes. His "plan" is so full of contradictions that it is beginning to splinter the Democrat Party (and dont give me any crapola about the "ic").

About all tht is needed for a perfect storm is an attempt by the gun-grabbers to pass draconian anti-gun legislation. Go to any firearms forum on the web and you will see the gorge of America's firearms owners rising. Much as a certain brand of dog food "makes its own gravy"; the Demon-Ratz show every sign of making their own gridlock.

And now, despite all the hype, there wont really be all that many more folks here for the "historic Inauguration of America's first African-American President" than there were for, oh, say. Ronald Reagan's. So many people here in the DC area had hopes of making tens of thousands of dollars renting out rooms, condos, even entire houses to folks who couldn't find hotel rooms. For the most part, these folks will be bitterly disappointed by the promise of hope and change. They are the first of many. The seeds of a Conservative majority in Congress in 2010 are being sown now by an administration that has yet to assume power. Hope? Yessirreee. Change? You bet. It is coming in 2010. Mark these words and watch these fools screw everything up so badly that (provided Obama/Reid/Pelosi don't provoke an armed rebellion, and that is not out of the question) there will scarcely be a Demon-Rat left in either house two years from now. I HOPE for that CHANGE.

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