Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HERE WE GO......

A bit more than an hour ago, Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America, so help him God. I will here repeat the mandatory mantra that he is the first (choose one: black, Black, African-American) president.

It will come as no surprise that I am not happy with this day, but it has nothing to do with the new President's race. It is rather his lack of experience in a day when we face a determined and lethal and crafty enemy with whom we are at war; and his jejune socialistic outlook on things in general; along with his alliance with the far left wing of the Democrat party that has me concerned.

Nonetheless the teeming masses turned up early, and there were reports of crowds trampling security barriers and thereby bypassing security (Like with Woodstock!!) At leadt one person was pushed into the path of a subway train by the crushing horde and struck by the lead car. I spent a very busy morning taking people in a hurry down the "authorized vehicles" routes . It was eerie driving down a deserted I-395 at what would have been the height of rush hour.

I knocked off at 11:30 to watch the swearing-in, which went pretty normally although Obama screwed up the words of the oath (but was corrected by Justice Roberts). Then came the obligatory poet reciting some opaque blather she had written. Then the stage was taken by a doddering old Reverend named Lowrey who rambled on for about five minutes and then said he hoped for the day "When Black will not have to get in back' (THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT WAS JUST SWORN IN YOU OLD FOOL!) 'When Brown can stick around' (Let the illegals stay?) 'When the Red man can get ahead, man' (Um, tax free casinos, anyone??) 'and when White will embrace what's right". That last one was an horrendous insult to white folks, a majority of whom voted for - need I say again? - "The first African-American President of the United States".

I don't know who first said that black/brown/yellow/red/white bit but I know it was said circa 1969 and I think it was the likes of famous White-hater Dick Gregory who said it. Lowrey's speech was as if the Washington Post ran an editorial against the Stamp Act. Some people, I suppose, just like to bitch.

Well, tonight will bring the Inaugural Balls and the parties and the saloons in DC will close at 5 AM and the Metro will be unloading drunken fools all night. And I will be packing a Walther PPK/s in my coat pocket, which I rarely do. This has nothing to do with the crowds I will deal with but rather the fact that just past 12AM this passt Sunday morning, one of my fellow drivers was shot to death in a robbery, and the killer has not been caught. We may have a new President, but some things have no 'hope" of ever "changing".

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