Wednesday, September 21, 2016


In Charlotte, NC and Tulsa, OK recently, black males were shot by police officers. In Charlotte, it looks as if the shooting was justifiable. It's a bit dicier in Tulsa. However, the reaction in both localities was predictable. 

Friends and relatives of the deceased men immediately began yammering to the press about how they should be canonized as Saints and that they were not armed. Riots ensued. The press and Clinton and Obama began running their collective mouth about how the African-American community was under attack, and of course making oblique attempts to blame everything on Trump and the GOP.  

In point of fact, police officers who commit unlawful shootings or other killings of citizens are almost always appropriately punished in the end. A police officer who shot a fleeing black man in the back down in Charleston, SC a few years back was charged with and convicted of homicide. 

Here in the Springfield section of Fairfax County, a WHITE MAN was  shot by an HISPANIC cop, who was convicted of "involuntary manslaughter" and sentenced to time served. Remember the riots in the white community that followed THAT travesty?? 

Oh, that's right. There WEREN'T ANY FUCKING RIOTS even though "time served" as a sentence for shooting a man who REALLY DID HAVE HIS HANDS IN THE AIR does seem a tad light, even (and particularly) for a police officer. The press reaction was muted, to say the least. If the victim in this case had been black, however, the streets of Fairfax county would be unsafe for an unarmed white person to walk, despite the presence of a horde of Federal agents snooping around everywhere. 

The whole justification for all this "Black Lives Matter" crapola is that supposedly the Evil White Police think that shooting a member of the African-American community is in the greater scheme of things an inconsequential matter. It is not, of course; and it is worth noting that in most cases of police shootings of black males, the cop who did the shooting was him or her self black. 

One thing Obama and his bunch (or the bunch that control Obama) are hoping for is to  put the control of all Federal, State, and local law enforcement under central Federal government control.  In the 20th Century, one man accomplished that for about 12 years. His name?


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