Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Well, Gentle Readers, the first one on one debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has now taken place. What transpired resembled two guys with knives circling each other. Of course the brain vomit of the left-wing media was all over this, calling it a Clinton win. But  of the polls call Trump the winner. 

Trump is one wily dude. He has used this debate to get Clinton to use all her cheap shots. And her contempt and condescention for and to all who support Trump was on full display. Her air of snarky superiority was on full display, too. She was being a real asshole, and as usual didn't even know or care. 

He got Clinton to fire all of her guns at once. We've a hunch that in the next two debates, he'll make her explode into space. 

Meanwhile, we're waiting for the Vice-Presidential debate between bedrock Indiana conservative Mike Pence and Progressive shithead Timmy Kaine. This just keeps getting better.

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