Sunday, September 11, 2016


We have been verbally excoriated by people who know we are Nationalist. These people tell us that Nationalism is National Socialism ("Naziism"). It is not. We are not socialist in any form or manner. 

But these people tell us that Nationalism necessarily includes an element of "folkishness", and they arbitrarily define "folk" in racial and/or ethnic terms. 

Yes, Nationalism is "folkish". But such is American Exceptionalism that membership in our Folk is open to ANYONE who attains to citizenship either by birthright or naturalization and embraces our  principles of individual rights and freedom as laid out in our Constitution. 

Our Folk has its own music: American Jazz, which combines elements from all the cultures who have come to enrich our diverse society. We can think of no other cultural expression which so illustrates our American Folk ideal: E Pluribus Unum. From many, one. In Jazz, all the cultures which make up the United States of America have a voice. 

Our cuisine is the cuisine of the globe, often fused in very interesting ways. It has been proposed that chili con carne, a dish originating in Mexico, be dubbed our National Dish. And even chili has an element of diversity. "Cincinnati Chili" is the classic chili recipe tweaked by Greek immigrants. 

We have multiple variations on pizza, many of them uniquely American. And in a 20 block walk down King Street here in Alexandria we can encounter one crab house, two "contemporary American" restaurants, seven Italian establishments, an Andalusian tapas place (complete with a flamenco show), two Thai restaurants, two French bistros, two Irish pubs, three seafood places, a tacos and tequila place, two Greek restaurants, and several American "fast food" joints including Subway; and more. And that's just King Street, n Alexandria, Virginia. 

Here in America, our "Folk" are the BEST of the rest of the world. If you look at the American flag flying and, as an American Citizen feel a twinge of pride; if you love our Blessed Republic and want to do your best part to become a part of the best nation; then no matter your race, color or religion you are part of the American Folk, the world's first and only ethnic group that anyone can join.

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