Tuesday, September 6, 2016


The big day has finally arrived: The day after Labor Day when the home stretch of this GOD forsaken ENDLESS Presidential Campaign heats up to white-hot, waiting for the steel hammer of the vote to strike. And even though there's a phony "Libertarian" and the usual "Green Party" candidate lurking around the edges, in the end either Donald Trump OR (God forbid) Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States of America. (Unless Hillary has a stroke or something and Timmy Kaine takes over the Democrat Presidential nomination. Trump will have a much harder time with Kaine then with Hillary.) 

So let us hope nothing happens to Hillary, at least until Trump beats her. Then, indict her, try her, and throw her ass in jail where it belongs. 

There was a cartoon back in my kiddie days, depicting a man being nagged by his hatchet-faced harpy of a wife. In the end, she's standing under a piano being hoist by a pulley. The man cuts the rope, the piano falls, and she is pounded right through the ground, making a hole. 

The man is looking down into the hole when it belches smoke and fire, and up pops the Devil, holding the old battle-axe in his arms. The Devil bounces her ass onto the pavement and pleads with the man, saying: "Aren't things bad enough down here without HER??"

That is the official position of the Alexandria Daily Poop on Hillary Clinton. (It is also the position - so we have heard - of her Secret Service security detail.)

Vote for Donald Trump in November. It's important.

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