Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Sometimes we wonder just how long God is going to put up with the ever-increasing perversity of human culture. Here's the latest development in "conversations we should not even need to have":

Some five year old boy in this country thinks he is a girl. He wants to use the girl's restroom at school. The school (unsurprisingly) refused to allow this.

But - and unfortunately also not all that surprising - the parents have filed a lawsuit, claiming their son is "transgendered" and has a "right" to use the restroom facilities he is most comfortable with.
Here is the cold, hard truth: either that is one fucked-up little boy or those are two fucked-up parents, or (likely) both. How in blazes does a five-year-old not know damned good and well he's a boy? We are pretty sure he can see he has a wiener and we are pretty sure he knows boys have weenies and girls don't.
Maybe he doesn't like to play kickball and is more into hopscotch. Maybe he'd rather have an EZ-Bake Oven than a set of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. Maybe he's shy. Maybe he even has a puppy-crush on another boy. Whatever. NONE OF THIS MAKES HIM A FREAKING GIRL, DAMMIT.  He has a "Y" chromosome. Even surgery can't change that (and please don't tell me the parents are so much as looking into sex-reassignment surgery for a five year old. That ought to be illegal if it isn't already).
Back in my day, we had physical education three times a week. and we had to change in front of each other and take showers communally. That probably greatly helped eliminate this sort of thing back then. And if some boy kept trying to use the girl's facilities instead of the boys' room, then the paddle at school and "Cowhide Tea" (aka the belt) at home would have been used to knock sound reason into him.
Instead here is where we are today. Kid brings a cap pistol to school. Call the cops, arrest him, and press charges. Kid thinks he's a girl and walks into the girls' restroom; call the courts and demand that his "right" to be a girl if he wants to be respected.
Maybe I ought to just spend until I owe way over my head and then sue for my "right" to be a billionaire because I act like I have all the money in the  world.  I'd have a helluva better case than this kid and his parents. This is insane. 

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