Friday, August 10, 2012


I N all the time I have been putting this blog out, indeed in my very lifetime I have never seen a political campaign as as slimy, as dirty, as utterly false as the ad in which an ex-steelworker lays the death of his wife from cancer at the doorstep of Mitt Romney.

Here's what you are not told: The steelworker worked for a company which Bain Capital tried to bail out. That's what Bain Capital does, and it's the reason why people at Staples an Dunkin' Donuts still have jobs.  What Bain did was take over failing companies, try and make them viable, and then sell them for a profit. Sort of like flipping houses. Sometimes a company just isn't salvageable, and that was the case with this guy's steel company employer. Bain Capital gave that guy and his co-workers another six months of employment before they had to give up on it.

AND the guy's wife HAD HER OWN JOB AND HER OWN HEALTH INSURANCE.  AND the guy found a job as a janitor that paid 15 grand. AND while it's true that this is less than the 45 grand he made at the mill, HIS PRESENT SALARY PLUS HIS PENSION IS ABOUT THE SAME AS HIS OLD SALARY.

AND the guy got laid off SIX YEARS BEFORE HIS WIFE WAS DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER SO WHAT THE FUCK DOES MITT ROMNEY AND BAIN CAPITAL HAVE TO DO WITH ANY OF IT? Except of course that he got another six months of full employment thanks to Mitt.

But all you hear in the ad is: I lost my job when Bain Capital closed the mill. I lost my healthcare. My wife got cancer and died, and Mitt Romney doesn't care.

THAT is the central message they are trying to get out with this ad: "Mitt Romney doesn't care". 

This is bullshit. Mitt Romney cared enough to risk investment capital to try and save this dude's job (along with hundreds of his co-workers.) Does anybody REALLY expect - or want, for that matter, a President who watches over everyone as if he were as omnipresent as God Himself and who kisses evewy widdo boo-boo and makes it all better?  Indeed this is Obama's central campaign message: that he makes a better God than Romney would.

But wait. There's more.

This same guy bitched about Romney in an ad run by Obama's campaign. But the "Romney doesn't care" ad was produced by a Democrat PAC.  PACs and campaigns cannot, by law, collaborate. Yet evidence is mounting that these two ads were made on the very same day by the same studio, and the campaign and the PAC were in close collaboration on the content of both messages and the timing of their release.

The Democrat Party will stoop to anything bar nothing to ensure Obama's continued desecration of the Office of the President. It is rapidly becoming nothing more than a continuing criminal enterprise, and when we have a Republican Attorney General again, his first order of business should be to prosecute Obama and his henchmen - notably Holder and Pelosi - under the Rico statutes. 

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