Thursday, August 16, 2012


There are various things that prompt me to put a post up here frrom time to time. Sometimes there is something happening somewhere that I feel like putting my two cents in for people to read. Or maybe I get an idea for a satire, or maybe I just get pissed off at the statists. Sometimes I go with an essay or two, and get real serious.

Or sometimes I see an ad on TV just as I'm going to sleep and it fires off certain connections in my head, and I rouse myself, sit down and get typing. Tonight is one of those nights, and the ads were a couple of car ads.

One ad was the one with the three college kids, one of whom just bought a new Honda. As they get in, Mr. New Car Owner announces that "college finally paid off!"

Ho, ho, ho.

How many people are there who got those wonderful government loans and went to college? How many parents were there who thought that this college education would ensure their offspring a better life than they had?

And how many parents and young adult offspring have been totally shocked to find the kids coming back to the nest to roost because those college loan payments mean no money for rent?

And we're not talking about the idiots who majored in the off-the-wall crap offered by colleges these days. You know, the ones who walked in for an interview and the guy says: "Hmm. You majored in Trans-sexual studies with a secondary in General Frippery, and you want a job? Doing what?" We're talking about medical doctors, lawyers, and engineers. By the time these kids pay off their college loans they'll be too old to have kids.

Well, I'm sure that the folks who issued you all those loans - which by law you cannot get out from under by filing bankruptcy - are living quite comfortably.

Then again that kid in the ad might just have gone to a Community College and learned something useful and started a business. It's kind of nice to know that kids who were looked down on right after high school for attending community college instead of literally mortgaging their futures are having the last laugh.

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