Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I AM OF COURSE TALKING ABOUT THE HALF-ASSED DEBT LIMIT INCREASE JUST PASSED. The "old school" in the House Republican Caucus pretty much caved, but at least the bill contains a provision foor reducing "the deficit" (NOT the goddamn debt) and does not have any tax increases in it. Nevertheless, Obama is now jawboning tax increases, as he is able to do since these were not prohibited.

KUDOS TO THE TEA-PARTY FRESHMEN OF THE HOUSE AND SENATE! One bright spot is the way they dominated this process. They were incorruptible, refusing bribes such as promises of future campaign money and support and votes for their future pet projects.

But in the end, there were not enough of them to overcome the mustache Petes who keep one eye on their own re-election. Guys, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You fought hard and well and if not for your constant steadfast and stalwart opposition; without your deftly applied use of every parliamentary maneuver available, the legislation your bodies just passed would have been much MUCH worse.

Even given that we did not get everything, even given that the dragon was not slain (and lives to fight again); still the Leftist statists are howling like hit dogs. It was most revealing that a female reporter told a Democrat representative that "You gave them everything and we didn't get anything". ("WE"?? Aren't these reporters supposed to be neutral? That's what they all said when they were doing things like calling KSM a "suspected" terrorist). Yep, And yet the big media still insist they are not in the tank for the Ubamanistas.

One telling factor is that the stock market, which was supposed to tank if there were no deal today and soar in jubilation if there was a deal; dropped like a stone with the announcement. This deal left the barn door open for the soaking of successful companies by the "elimination of taxpayer subsidies". This does sound good, until you learn the Democrat definition of a "subsidy".

In Leftie-Speak, any money earned by anyone is a "subsidy" IF they are allowed to keep it. In the perfect world of the Left, ALL money earned would be given directly to the government, who would decide what everyone needs and re-distribute it accordingly.

(Look, motherfuckers. I don't need a boat. But if I can afford one, I'm buying one, because I want one; and if you don't like it you can all eat some shit.)

Cut "tax subsidies" to "Big Oil"? "YAY!" you say. "I pay too much for gas! It's about time those rich pigs got soaked! Now that those evil oil companies are getting soaked, I won't have to spend half my paycheck just to get to work! Hooray!" If that is your attitude, then you are a fucking MORON.

If the oil companies get "soaked", why then they will just pass the damage to the people who buy their stuff. THAT MEANS YOU, YOU IDIOT. "Big Oil" makes a net profit of around TWO PENNIES on every gallon of gasoline sold. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GETS CLOSE TO FIFTY CENTS. SO WHO THE FUCK IS PROFITING MOST WHEN YOU FILL YOUR FUCKING TANK, IDIOT??

Well, enough folks wised up last year to give us you fantastic TEA party freshmen. You fought hard, and well. But the fight is not over. We (and I mean all of us) must prepare and fight in whatever way we can to get even more of you in the legislature and (dare I hope?) in the White House. If we do, it will be the biggest thing since El Cid drove the Moors out of Spain.

Tea-Party frosh, your performance is stellar. Our revolution is succeeding, and the Statist Left is scared shitless of you. Sheathe not your swords, but continue to battle until it is won. All in all, you have done much to ensure victory.

But victory has yet to be won. Carry on!

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