Tuesday, August 23, 2011


For the last hour the radio stations here in the Washington D.C. area have been abuzz about the bad ol' tremor we just experienced. Buildings evacuated, stuff falling off store shelves, etc.. As a result the entire Federal government has shut down, and the evening rush seems to have had an early start.

I personally didn't feel a thing, and oddly enough the alleged quake happened while I was driving on - get this - a street called Quaker Lane. But. all the news people said it was pretty shaky; and the shopkeeper at the little convenience store I stopped at told me that all the stuff fell off his shelves.

I was a bit concerned about the computer I am typing this on, as it is on a desk below a set of shelves full of heavy stuff. So I returned home envisioning a smashed computer, guns and ammo and books all over the place and a mess to clean up. Here's what I found:

About four rounds of 9mm ammunition had been shaken off the top shelf onto the floor, but the loose rounds of .380 were right where they had been put, only they had been upright and had been knocked down (but they remained on the shelf). An empty beer can stood upright where it had been sitting since last night, and a speed-loader of .38 special likewise remained unmoved. The holstered Walther PPK/s I keep on the top shelf had not been moved. That's it.

There are some concerns that the Washington Monument is atilt slightly. This is perhaps the only dire concern because that structure consists of basically a stack of limestone blocks supported by nothing more than their own weight. A good enough shake might knock it over, so there you need to stay tuned.

Other than that it is the typical-for-around-these-parts big kerfluffle over not really one whole hell of a lot. I've come home and will be staying here until the idiots stop running around like chickens with their heads chopped off. Everybody in the National Capital Region tend to make a mountain out of a molehill. There was a middlin' earthquake. It's over.

Except for the yammering and panicking. Big damn deal. Yawn.

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