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The "Slutwalk" movement purports to illustrate that, no matter how a female may choose to dress, she is not by her clothing "asking" to be raped. Really?

And just how is it that one "asks" to be raped? You can't rape the willing, after all. No one asks to be raped, but that's not the point of the "Slutwalkers".

A "Slutwalk" consists of a number of young females dressing as scantily as local laws allow and parading down the street in public, with slogans such as "Just say no to rape!" (see above) and "You do NOT have my permission to rape me!" (ditto). What utter twaddle. (some of it quite fetching twaddle).

Now what these young ladies are attempting to do is best illustrated by the lyrics of the song "Dancing Queen" (by the Swedish pop group ABBA.) :

"Try to tease him and turn him on
'Leave him burning and then you're........gone"

You see, there is a cadre of "shamers" salted in the sidelines, moving with the procession and scolding and upbraiding any male who voices appreciation or approval of the feminine pulchritude being paraded down the street. These people are not trying to stop rape. They are trying to shame males out of liking females.

Furthermore, they think that if they leave the house at zero-dark-thirty and go to the 7-11; dressed in a thong, thigh-high leather boots and pasties over their nipples; that they have every right to expect that no loutish male will so much as whistle at them.

(on the other hand, if a handsome young MALE walks through certain neighborhoods - and these folks would like it to be ANY neighborhood - wearing a pair of cutoffs, why then if some gay dude yells "Nice ass!" at him, HE's not supposed to be offended; and if he is, then he's just a bigoted homophobe.)

I really shouldn't have to say this, but apparently I do: I am very much against rape. If Nancy Pelosi tied me to a bed and started giving me a blow job, I'd commit suicide by inhaling my own vomit. And I'm not kidding either.

I've known a couple of female rape victims. One of them developed hypochondrial pan-allergies, became a lesbian, and walked around braless in a loose-knit sweater with her nipples peeking through. She liked to tempt a man and get him to buy her a drink or dinner, then embarass the hell out of him by claiming to be allergic to something in the food and then telling him that she liked girls anyway. She was "empowering" herself by "punishing" any male she could. Fortunately for me, I was able to tell she was a pain in the ass before I made the mistake of getting involved. But I feel sorry for her, She is one screwed up human being.

The other rape victim I know was all of 17 when I met her at a coffee house poetry slam sometime around 1993. ( I know a poetry slam is kind of an odd place for a conservative Nationalist to be, but I've written some good ones and some of those were presented there.)

This young lady seemed to be entirely normal until she told me that in response to her ordeal she now wears seven pairs of underpants, so that if it happens again, she'll have time to figure out how to kill her attacker while he's trying to get all seven pairs off.

But I also have met a guy who was brutally raped by his uncle. I was in the military then, and it came out while he was drinking with me and another guy. He considered us both bosom pals, and confided in us about the attack. And he told us that he wanted to find "one of those queers" and take him into a barn and put his testicles into a vise, remove the handle, lay a butcher knife beside the vise, and then set the barn on fire; thus giving the hapless "queer" the option of self-castration or death by fire. And he was willing to do this to any homosexual he could find.

Now in the three cases presented here, the "progressive" takes on them are: "Poor kid" "Poor kid" and "dangerous homophobe and he needs major help". In fact all three are dealing in different dysfunctional ways with the trauma of being physically violated and psychologically debased. For my part I tried to do what I could just by listening and understanding. Some people can deal with such things without much help. Most, though, need quite a bit of it and at a different level than I was able to provide.

Okay. So I know rape is a serious thing. Just thought I'd make that clear, because there are lots of people who will think that by making fun of the idiots in the "Slutwalk" I am implying that rape isn't so bad. I'm not; and it is.

BUT. As to the premise of the "Slutwalkers": Let's say I'm walking down the street with a roll of hundred-dollar bills in my hands, and I'm counting the amount of money I have out loud. Do I have a reasonable expectation that no one will yell "Hey, Money!"?

Is the fact that I am handling a large amount of cash in public justification for a robbery?

Does the fact that I am handling a large amount of cash in public mean I want someone to put a gun to my head and take it?


Does the fact that I am handling a large amount of cash in public advertise very obtusely that I have something lots of people want?

Is it likely that someone very well might find me a vulnerable and desirable target for robbery if I handle such a large amount of cash in public?

Would the police investigating my robbery be justified in wondering if I was nuts to be counting such a large amount of cash out loud and displaying it public?

The principle is the same: Flash your booty around in public, and somebody's gonna try and take it.

Now, if I were dressed in a nice suit, with a nice watch and all; that might show I had money, too. But both my hands would be free, and there just might be something else other than money under that sport jacket. Like a .357 magnum revolver stuffed with some real nasty hollowpoints.

Similarly, a fetching young maiden can very adequately show her attractiveness without stripping herself bare and making herself vulnerable. I'm not advocating adopting the burqa; just at least have enough clothes on to conceal a firearm.

And if you don't want to carry a firearm, then visit the Kimber website, where you will find information on how to get what is in my opinion the world's most effective pepper-spray device. It shoots a 90 MPH stream of ultra-hot pepper-spray and hits very hard up to 13 feet away. Not even goggles protect against it.

But when you idiots parade down the street in thongs and garters and fishnet stockings accessorized with "fuck-me" high heeled shoes and declare that you don't want men ogling you, you trivialize a brutal crime. No decent man would even entertain thoughts of rape. But we do enjoy the view.

So thanks, I guess.

Nice tits.

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