Thursday, February 18, 2010


AS DO MANY IF NOT MOST AMERICAN ADULTS, We here at the Alexandria Daily Poop sometimes wonder about the youth of this country, and worry about its future. Then along comes someone like Shaun White.

When first we heard of White, we thought he was just another long-haired Left Coast goofball kid plying a variation of skateboarding. Yawn. But then he went to Seoul and won a Gold Medal representing his - OUR - country.

Then, after the immediate hubbub had died down he quietly dropped off the general radar - and prepared for the next big thing. Oh, we heard stuff about him winning the
"X-Games" and such, but after a certain age you don't watch teenagers playing games much unless you are a parent, a coach, or a pervert. White also picked up a corporate sponsor, Red Bull (the "energy drink" that's no more effective than coffee and tastes like the north end of a southbound skunk). In any case, we hardly thought about Shaun White at all, until the runup to the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

SHAUN WHITE took yet another gold medal in the Men's Half-Pipe snowboard event, and we at the Alexandria Daily Poop congratulate him. We also note that he seems very much aware that he is representing the United States of America, and is doing his best to make the world aware that we are a nation to be respected. There is no better representative for the USA in the forum of the International Olympic Games than Shaun White, in our opinion.

We don't know much about White's political views, but that is because for whatever reason he has not gome around like other famous people speaking as if his fame alone makes him all-wise. And even in his fame he is about as humble as could reasonably be expected without becoming a recluse like Bobby Fischer or Glenn Gould. And as a Nationalist publication, we must add that he has helped show the world the superiority of these United States.

For representing the United States of America with such grace and aplomb; and for being a fit role model for his peers; as much as or more than his Gold triumph; The Alexandria Daily Poop salutes Shaun White.

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