Thursday, February 11, 2010


AMID THE RECENT EXPOSURE OF QUESTIONABLE "SCIENCE" REGARDING "MAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE" come the twin blizzards of February 2010. Still reeling from the exposure of phony and/or manipulated weather data and the citing of essays by college kids as established scientific fact; the admitted baselessness of claims of projected glacial melting, and other glaring fraud; the portion of the "scientific community" committted to this nonsense rushed to provide an explanation for these blizzards.

WELL, YOU SEE THE EXPLANATION IS SIMPLE. tHOSE OF US WHO OBSERVE THE OBVIOUS ARE JUST TOO STUPID. The line now is that warmer air picks up more moisture, and therefore there is more snow. Hmmm. That must be why it is so freaking cold right now in Blizzard Ground Zero. How could it be otherwise with all that warm air needed for snow?

COME ON! The globe is getting so warm that we all may freeze? And we are supposed to just accept whatever some "scientist" says because he has been to college and has a sheepskin? The last few years have been relatively mild around here with very little snow. THAT was cited as evidence of "global warming"; but now that there is a ton of snow, that is also evidence of global warming? And we are supposed to accept this because it is being pronounced by people who have diplomas?
Horse shit.
The other day, some airhead movie star said that "tsunamis and earthquakes" were caused by "climate change". EARTHQUAKES??
THAT'S the kind f dolt these pseudo "scientists" think they have in all of us ordinary folks, who can tell without any specialized knowledge that 32 degrees is not warmer than 70 degrees.
Global warming, my ass.

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