Saturday, August 15, 2009


WE ARE RATHER TIRED of seeing various postings and hearing parvenue personages declaring that there are parallels between "President" Obama and Adolf Hitler. OH, we admit there are a few similarities, but there is a BIG difference, and we do not here speak of race. Adolf Hitler worked his way up the ranks of Germany's Socialist Worker's Party until he became the leader and renamed it "National Socialist German Worker's Party" (NAzionalSoZIalistiche Deutches Arbeiter Partei ). From there he consolidated Party leadership and craftily took over the government by increments until he managed to get an "enabling Act" making him absolute Dictator. He was a gifted and inspiring public speaker who gave life to the inner thoughts and resentments of the German people. He identified the majority, villified the minority, and led a rubber-stamp Parliament (the Riechstag). Through it all he, Hitler, was the undisputedcd tip-top cat, and to cross him was to risk death.

ON THE OTHER HAND here we have this Obama. Obama was nothing but a "community Organizer" in Chicago before he was noticed by the Party he serves. He got where he was then and is now by kissing the asses of the party bosses and delivering the votes of the quick and the dead to the Daley machine. The Democrats showed "Appreiciate" by giving him a back-bench in the State Senate. He cast every vote at his party's call, and whenever it fell to him to think for himself at all, he voted "present". Evidently he thought so little they rewarded he by sending him to the Senate in big ol' D.C.

We apologize to Gibert and Sullivan for our lame references. However, at that point he began to be groomed for the 2008 Presidential elections, and the Obama brand was rolled out at the 2004 Democrat Convention. The extreme Left leadership of the Democrat Party did not, do not, and never did envision him as a 'Fuehrer" but rather as an attractive candidate who would be a bill-signing nincompoop and a spokesman for their vision for the country. The DemonRatz are NOT about to give Obama the dicatorial powers they covet for themselves. We do not say that Obama is not a dangerous entity. He is, but he is also a loon and a butt-boy for those who handle him. He did not write "cap-and=trade"; he merely promotes it and (if it gets to him) will sign it like an obedient servant of his white Massas. And the same goes for this health-care boondoggle.

Adolf Hitler would NEVER have let the likes of Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid set the agenda. HE would have written the legislation HIMSELF and told them to pass it OR ELSE. Pelosi and Reid hold the leash and grind the organ as they send Obama out to dog-and-pony phony "town halls" to hold out his cap for support. Obama is a worse insult to Black Americans than "Amos "N Andy " ever was. To compare him to Hitler is an insult to Hitler.

But that's okay, we suppose; because Hitler can't be insulted too much.

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