Monday, August 10, 2009


HERE WE ARE IN AUGUST IN THE NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION, and it is as every year hot in the morning, hot as hell at noon, and hot and dark at night. But why is THIS August different from all other Augusts??

Mainly because in August the politicians and their staff pack up, go to hell home, and shut the hell up; and for the rest of the month the Republic is safe from the Congress. But not this year. No, this year the politicking goes on even though the politicians are out of town. The "President" and his henchpeople led by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are hell-bent on cramming socialism and taxes down our throats, and we are giving our reps and Senators an earful, loudly. The Lefties are "outraged" at our "assault on Democracy"; and never mind that when it was a bunch of gays "discussing" some aspect of homosexual rights, or NARAL types decrying some effort to limit some of the more barbaric practices of the abortionists; or if some Conservative speaker they did not agree with appeared at a college; the Lefties did not mind the shouting and screaming of their people one bit, in fact they claimed that far from assaulting Democracy, their side was exercising "free speech".

Obama is asking people to turn in their neighbors - and they want names, addresses, birthdates, employment, everything - who oppose "Obamacare". He has personally told the Union thugs to go out and quell the protests; and in one instance an elderly Black conservative was roughed up for selling conservative buttons and stickers at one of these "town halls". In response there is debate in the firearms community about whether to arm ourselves at these rallies for self-defense against gangs of bat-and-cane wielding goons.

WHAT IS IT, WE WONDER, ABOUT AUGUST? World War I broke out in August, and it was in mid-August that the Molotov-Ribbentrop "Non-Aggression Pact" was signed, leading directly to the onset of World War II with the invasion and division of Poland on September 1 1939. Now it is August 2009, 70 years since the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and the beginning of a global holocaust; and the United States of America are boiling. What will come of this?

Hot August, indeed.

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