Thursday, August 6, 2009


Yes, we know. This is the ALEXANDRIA Daily Poop, yet we seem to have posted very little if anything specifically about the City of Alexandria. We must, and promise to, remedy this; starting with today's posting.

Let's talk about our Congressional Representative, the embarrassing James Moran.

This idiot is about as Virginian as Boston Baked Beans. He has repeatedly insulted Jews, has been accused of smacking women around, and on one occasion roughed up a pre-pubescent African-American kid because he thought he might be fooling around with his vehicle. Get a skinful of boozze in this bozo and look out, we mean he is from all accounts a pretty mean drunk. In our opinion Congressman "Bugs" Moran is not a nice person. And if he were a Republican (or even a conservative) the DemonRatz would be hollering for his head.

But it's all good, you see; because Bugs is a liberal DemonRat. He expressed last year outrage and astonishment that people thought they were "entitled to keep their wealth" (People other than him, that is ). Which is why when we inherited a tidy sum from our father we quickly put it where he and Ubama will not be easily able to get their hooks on it. Moran in addition to being what he is personally is a money-confiscating gun-grabbing tax-and-spend neo-socialist liberal-schmiberal loon of the first water, which makes him a fine fit for this city full of liberal weenies.

But our fair city may be turning around. In the last City Council election many of the most egregious socialist libs were thrown out, and two conservatives - one Republican and the other Republican leaning - were put in. Justin Wilson, one of those intolerable young socialist knowitalls who got elected by a wide margin last time was tossed out on his ass. He made a concessionary announcement that was nothing but standard liberal twaddle regurgitated.

Oh, there is hope. You bet there is. Change is in the air, and it's not what the Ubamanistas were hoping for.

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