Thursday, August 13, 2009


WHAT TOO MANY PATRIOTS DO NOT REALIZE ABOUT "PRESIDENT" BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is that he is not the main threat to our liberty. Obama is the butt-boy of the DemonRat leadership. He was picked and groomed by the enemies of liberty as a spokesman for the brand years before he was elected. Obama was intended by th Ratz to be a shill, a spokesman, and an endorser for the vision of the Pelosi/Reid wing of the Democrat party. He is nothing more than an instrument for those who would change us from a Republic of free people to an aristocracy of elite Statists. "People of Color" have been hoodwinked into believing that one of their own now runs the country, when in fact he has been called to the "big house" to pack the c otton for ol' Massa.

The DemonRatz know full well that control of the Congress is MUCH more importnt than control of the White House. This is why they tried to ram everything they c ould through before the Reps and Senators went back home to face their constituents. And the effort will only be redoubled because the way things are going they will lose big time in November of next year.

Obama has deluded himself into thinking he got where he is by his own merits. He did not. He is a tool of those who would

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