Sunday, May 28, 2017


The Indianapolis 500 was just won by a Japanese driver operating a car powered by a Japanese engine.  Just 76 years ago his nation attacked this nation and engendered a war that lasted nearly 4 years and cost the lives of almost half a million American fighting men. The victory of that driver in Indianapolis, the fact that he could come here and accomplish this feat, was the direct result of the sacrifices of our fighting men.

We do not go to war to conquer. we go to war to eliminate threats and restore peace. And once wrongs have been righted, more often than not we help our erstwhile enemies back to their feet and reform their society to a less warlike model. Would God our present enemies in this present conflict become our friends after they have been defeated. 

The entire world owes a debt to the eternal sacrifices our fighting men have made. But their service was to this country and it was these United States in whose name they fought. The entire world, however, would be a much worse place for everyone but for those we honor today. The proof of that was on display in Victory Circle in Indianapolis today. 

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