Monday, May 15, 2017


Fortunately we here at the ADP keep our stuff updated. But if you've been hit by this pain in the ass virus here's how to deal with it. 
  1. Shut down your machine.
  2. Re-start in "Safe Mode"
  3. Run a "System Restore" to the earliest restore point you can use.
  4. Re-start normally. If the bug SEEMS TO BE GONE odds are it isn't, it's just temporarily dormant so FIRST download Microsoft's "Malware Removal Tool" and scan your machine.
  5. NEXT update your security and ditto run a full scan.
If the bug is still active after step 4, use your AOMEI 1-key recovery tool (most machines press F11 when prompted). Your system should be rid of the bug after this completes, but you'll need to restore your files from a backup and reload any apps. 

After you are rid of the fucker, update EVERY security measure you have and scan AGAIN. That should cure your machine.

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