Tuesday, May 30, 2017


When we sat down to watch the Indianapolis 500 last Sunday we were silently rooting for Zach something or other, a 24 year old kid driving car #40. Zach is from our home state of Ohio and was racing in our native state of Indiana. We had hoped for at least a good showing from this kid. We looked him up on Wikipedia and he seems to be a real nice kid. 

But the whole damn race he vacillated between position 30 and position 28; we think he got to position 27 at some point. But he never got any further, and as a further ignominy HE FUCKING RAN OUT OF GAS AND HAD TO BE PUSHED OFF THE TRACK.  CHEESE AND RICE, KID. INDY ISN'T FUCKING GO-KARTS!!

In an Indy style race, fuel management is paramount. It's not enough to drive fast. Fuel adds weight and so how much to carry and when to grab some factors in, with the restrictions on when and how often a driver may pit adding additional dimensions to the decision making process.  

Speaking of decisions, Zach, we hope you learn enough from your first Indy and come back next year and show yourself a contender. Hell, boy. We hope you win, and we'll be rooting for you. 

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