Sunday, April 23, 2017


Particularly the American Left has been fond of saying that the question of whether a state may leave the Union has been "settled" since the defeat of the Confederacy. It hasn't, at least not legally. The South was forced back in by brute force in a bloody civil war. But what if most of these United States find the behavior of one or two states so contrary to the requirements of the Constitution that they believe their statehood should be revoked?

California, the land of fruits and nuts, has been making noises about leaving the Union (and, just as in the 1860s this movement is being led by Democrats).  

Recent events including the nullification of U.S. immigration laws via establishment of "sanctuary cities" and the policies of State funded universities which claim to be "unable to provide security" to speakers whom the violent mob of the Left deem unacceptable leave us no choice but to wonder whether it might be possible to revoke the statehood of California. 

We do not here recommend that California be cut loose to become a "banana (or maybe avocado) republic" to be propped up by elements of the International Left. What we are proposing is to reduce California to the status of a United States Territory until the People of California kick their nutball leadership out and come to their senses. No Senators and a non-voting Delegate to Congress and one electoral vote in the Presidential race just like D.C. and the Virgin Islands, and the Territorial Code to be subject to oversight by the Congress. 

Perhaps certain counties of California could be permitted to petition the Congress  to be re-admitted, resulting in a narrow strip of lunacy from just north of San Diego up to the northern border remaining a Territory. 

And come to think about it, same thing for Hawaii, all of it, until they too come to know that "having Aloha" is not required by the Constitution.

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