Thursday, December 15, 2016


It has been given to us to understand that those diabolical Russians did not swing the outcome of the election to Trump by phonying up the vote tally. 

This of course comes as no surprise to us, for reasons we have given in our previous post on this subject. We note that the leftist media has never in any of this directly said that the voting totals were affected by the alleged "Russian hack"; but it has been strongly implied that this was exactly what happened. 

Once, however the weasels had their backs against the wall, the allegation was made that the Russians had "hacked" both the Republican AND the Democrat National Committees and ignored the derogatory things they unearthed about the Republicans and spread around the dirt they found on the Democrats. This, it is alleged, "influenced" the election. 

Well, let's see...

Among the things unearthed and distributed by somebody - maybe the Russians, maybe Wikileaks, whoever - was an e-mail from Clinton campaign chief John Podesta bitching about "needy Latinos" whining and wanting stuff. 

Now, if Podesta had never written that e-mail; then the true attitude of the Democrat Party toward Latinos - that by the lights of the Democrats they are people who should vote Democrat and accept what they get (which will be as little as possible) and not bitch - would have never been exposed. 

Now if this were a false allegation, the Democrats could have countered it with the truth. But now all they are left with is whining about how it is "unfair" that people now know the truth about their attitude toward the minorities they allegedly are trying to help.

It's a laff riot watching the Democrats and their shills in the media melt down over this. Allegations that the info hack was urged by Trump are being pushed. Meanwhile almost 60 percent of the American people think that the Democrats are full of shit. 

Meanwhile there is growing evidence that a supporter of  Bernie Sanders - a DNC staffer - leaked these Podesta e-mails as revenge for the (proven) DNC rigging of the Democrat primary in favor of Hillary Clinton. 

Is Podesta a Russian? Maybe that's what they mean by "Russian".

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