Sunday, November 13, 2016


Gentle Readers, just look at the nuts rioting in the street and you will realize why Trump won. These morons are who Hillary Clinton was depending on to hand her the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Consider:

Mobs carrying signs reading "LOVE TRUMPS HATE" attacking Trump voters and throwing rocks at the cops, etc. 

A protester smashing at a utility box with a baseball bat, hitting it so hard that the door flies open and strikes another protester in the face; whereupon the second protester attacks the first one; whereupon further both protesters' friends join in and a general melee ensues. 

Protesters wearing diaper pins in their lapels or elsewhere, symbolic of their "need to feel safe" ("safety pins", get it?) now that the big bad Trump is poised to take The Oath in 68 days. 

These people are seriously deranged. And dangerous. Several Trump voters have been attacked and beaten.  And one woman, enraged that her 6 year old son had "voted" for Trump IN A "PRETEND ELECTION" AT THE CHILD'S SCHOOL packed a suitcase with the child's things, put it by the door and ordered the terrified innocent tot to leave her house, cursing the boy and ignoring his tears, screams and pleas. And not only this, THE BITCH TAPED IT AND PUT IT ON YOU TUBE!! You can look it up. 

Not even your Beloved Editor has been spared the wrath of the moronic cry-baby sore losers. This past Thursday afternoon, I was informed by the management of the cab company I am contracted with that I would no longer be eligible to handle the City paratransit account, one of our most lucrative. The reason was a huge raft of complaints against me in the last couple of days. All of these were from disabled paratransit riders, most of whom are government-dependent to some - many great - extent. I make no secret either of my conservatism, my nationalism, or my support for Donald Trump and disdain for Hillary Clinton. These folks no doubt were trying to get back at me for supporting and voting for Donald Trump, whom they doubtless view as being poised to cut off their free stuff. If I don't get that contract back, I may file a lawsuit. 

These are the people the Democrat Party caters to. As Chris Plante has said many times: The Left is a violent mob. With Trump's election, these United States just missed their undoing and transformation into a mobocracy.

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