Friday, November 25, 2016


We are sorry we did not do a commemorative post yesterday, but when the wi-fi goes down, it's down; and with every tavern and coffeehouse closed, it was just impossible to do a post. So we are sorry if anyone felt slighted. 

Of course there is much to thank God for this year, starting with the fact that the eight-year effort of the American Statist Progressives to clinch their control of these United States for good has been brought to a screeching halt with the election of Donald J. Trump over Hillary Clinton. (of course the ASPs are going nuts about this, and are trying like mad to subvert the Electoral College or, barring that, cripple the Trump Administration before it is even formed. Predictable.)

Also, we are very grateful that we did not die early last Monday morning when a loose electrical connection occasioned the failure of our charging system in our taxicab along I-95 in the middle of the pitch-black night just beyond the Thornburg,VA exit. We must say, way out there you can see all the stars very well, but it's hard to appreciate that with fully loaded 18-wheelers pounding past mere feet from where one is sitting with NO LIGHTS WHATSOEVER. So thanks be to God for the Virginia Safety Patrol guy who came along with a flashlight and a battery jumper box so I could tighten up the connections and get started again. 

I also thank God for showing me to the inexpensive motel I am now ensconced in and writing this from the free wi-fi provided. It's not really much more expensive than a studio apartment in a decent neighborhood. I am thankful that I lost the fight with the Resident Manager of the crummy Old Town rooming house I had lived in for almost nine years and had to seek this place out  as temporary shelter. After just a few weeks of having my own shower, certain skin conditions I had are clearing up. 

The blessings of God are too many to be counted. Indeed, as the Bible says: "All things work together for good, to those who love God and put their trust in Him". 

Indeed. A very happy (albeit belated) Thanksgiving to all of our three readers.

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