Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I have been asked many times how I as a taxicab operator feel about the "UBER" "Ride-Share" service and other similar operations. 

Well, to me, personally, I don't really care. I speak perfect English and rarely need to refer to a MAP, let alone GPS devices. That puts me as a premium driver. 

Besides, I HATE BEING PAID WITH PLASTIC BY PEOPLE I PICK UP OFF THE STREET. The more boneheads who use plastic go UBER, the better I like it. 

The fact is, UBER was born from hunger. They also go through drivers like a wino goes through Thunderbird. It takes a special kind of person to pick up strangers and take them  anywhere. UBER drivers might like it at first, but then the reality of getting your private ride beat to hell on the dents and potholes on the streets sets in, along with having to go to "severe service" maintenance.  AND if somebody bitches about an UBER driver three times, the driver is GONE. No hearing, no conference, no nothing. Every three to five months UBER puts out a new barrage of ads saying how you can make lots of money driving with UBER.

Once they get rid of Obamacare and people can get 40 hour a week jobs again, UBER will be sunk. Plus, they've wound up with some pretty damn crazy drivers. 

So I'm not worried about the Big Bad U.

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