Monday, April 25, 2016


Honestly, folks. Aren't you just absolutely FED UP with this bizarre insistence that normal people allow a tiny minority of screwed up people to discomfort them so that the screwed up people don't feel discomforted?

We are writing of course about the "Transgender" movement, or- as most people call them - the freakers. these freakers who have dicks but insist that they are girls or have vaginas but think they are boys have gotten away with so much stuff that now they are demanding to use restrooms and locker facilities assigned to the opposite sex from the one they are. THIS IS LUNACY. 

Let's say there are 35 thousand of these mental cases in America (and this is a very generous estimate). THAT IS ONE PERCENT OF ONE PERCENT OF THE POPULATION. And the rest of us are letting these pissants dictate morality TO US??

The idiots who run the District of Columbia have even mandated that every public restroom be posted as being "for everyone" (even if it has multiple stalls) and have in addition to the familiar man/woman silhouettes a third one which is half and half. 

And this has now invaded presidential politics, with reporters demanding that Republicans - and ONLY Republicans - account for their views on the subject. We agree with Ted Cruz. the whole notion of letting someone use the boy's room or the girl's room "Based on what's between their ears and not what's between their legs" is stark raving stone cold fuck nuts. 

This "issue" is really just a bright shiny object being dangled in front of the public by the Democrat Party to distract them from the slow motion train wreck Obama, Clinton and their henchmen (and women, can't be sexist here) are putting this country through. But it's also a very real threat to our culture and morality. It's damn time for us to put our collective foot down. Peace out. 

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