Thursday, March 17, 2016


Good day (or evening as may be the case) Gentle Readers. We were going to write today about Chief Justice Roberts being accused of forcing himself on a 16-year-old girl 35 years ago. But on further reading, the "Chief Justice" in question is the chief judge on the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. For a moment we thought that this case was what the Democrat Party had hung over the head of SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts to force a favorable ruling in the Obamacare case; and with which they were now double-crossing him in an attempt to force him to resign in disgrace; thus giving the court a five-to-three Leftist majority. 
And it would be right in keeping with the ethics of the Democrat Party to do just that. But it just ain't so. Funny how the Washington Post headline made it look like it might have been, though.
As to the  elites of both parties seemingly acting in concert to deny Trump the nomination, here's why:
The Democrats have been making snide comments about how they hope The Donald will be the nominee, since -according to them- Trump would be doomed to lose in a landslide . But at the same time, they're advising Hillary that he's dangerous and she had better be prepared to have  Trump throw stuff at her that she doesn't expect.
As for the Republican elites, their opposition to Trump (and Cruz also) is due not to their wanting to win anything. It's not due to their wanting to "save" the Republican Party from "Total destruction" either.
The elites want to KEEP CONTROL OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Donald Trump is, win or lose, the founder of a massive rebellion by the Republican rank-and-file, who as much Party members as any of the do-nothing asshole elites. This explains the remarks of one of them that "The voters don't choose the nominee. The Party does."
The primary voters ARE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY YOU ASSHOLE!  Win or lose, Trump has let the voters know that they are the Party and the Party is voters; it is NOT the property of a bunch of stuffed shirt pinheads who think they're playing Texas Hold'em with the rank-and-file's money. 
And this absolutely TERRIFIES them. 
And Trump has the Democrat party scared stiff, too. As Martha Stewart says: "It's a good thing".   

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